The Damaged by Simon Law

The Damaged - Simon Law

The Damaged by Simon Law is a fast reading story. I gave it four stars.


Tammy's daughter Jessica had been taken away from her. She walked to her little girl's room. "Jessica’s bedroom was the only room in the house to have remained clean and tidy since her daughter had been taken away, and Tammy took great care to keep it that way. She wanted it nice and welcoming for Jessica, ready for the day she would come home to her again.


She stepped inside and quickly closed the door again, as if the mess from the rest of the house might somehow contaminate the room if she left the door open for too long."


She worked for an agency as a 'carer'. She was assigned a new patient after one of her older ones had died. Her job was to make sure he took his medicine twice a day.


"Tammy left the house and the sunlight embraced her like a warm shower of liquid light. The dark gloom of the house had made her forget what a bright and vibrant day awaited her outside, and the light stung her unprepared eyes."


I received a complimentary copy from Amazon in a promotion.


That did not change my opinion for this review.


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