Mystery: Grave Danger Part 1/2 by Tracy Grace

Grave Danger: REVIVED: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller) (Suspense Thriller Mystery, Collection international Book 4) - Tracy Grace

Mystery: Grave Danger Part 1/2 by Tracy Grace from Myst Publishing starts with Kate and Ric being blocked from their destination by an uprooted tree in a storm. They had to proceed the rest of the way on foot fighting against the elements.


I gave it three stars.


Ric's great Uncle Winfred was described as: "Although he looked and moved in a sinister way, his voice was soft and soothing to the ear, and his mannerism, although deliberate, was relaxed." Ric inherited all his properties when his Uncle died six months prior.


Instantly he had become a multimillionaire.


They went on a spending spree, quit their jobs and headed to Reno to get married after their lives were threatened.


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