Cabello by Grea Alexander

Cabello - Grea Alexander

Cabello by Grea Alexander is a horror story. It was a difficult book to read because of the subject matter. It is excellent writing, just tough subject matter. Cabello is a golden and white cat with one brown eye and one green eye. Mineau had buried him after he was killed by her stepfather, Bud. Then came Cabello the Second.


"The sheriff chuckled to himself. 'This is Saintsville, son. I can damn well do whatever the hell it is I please.'"


People who were involved in Mineau December's assault are dying in Saintsville, Texas. Is it an answer to prayers or a nightmare come true? I gave it four stars. It needs editing for typos and homonyms.


This book contains adult situations.


I received a complimentary Kindle copy from the author through goodreads. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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