Bigfoot Blues (An Elvis Sightings Mystery) by Ricardo Sanchez

Bigfoot Blues - Ricardo Sanchez

Bigfoot Blues (An Elvis Sightings Mystery) by Ricardo Sanchez is hilarious. It was a laugh out loud book that was entertaining and read in one sitting.


Floyd, the private investigator is back as an Elvis lifestyle emulator, not an impersonator. He leaves behind his bearded girlfriend, Wanda, but she's never out of mind. In this book his rhinestone jumpsuits take abuse, some never to recover.


Sadly, it needs editing for typos and homonyms. Because of this, I gave it four stars. That does not reflect on the quality of the author's writing.

Goliath, the dwarf, is his sidekick and they get into some scrapes while they look for Sasquatch aka bigfoot, a missing piece of crypto-taxidermy 'art' aka swamp dog and interactions with a chupacabra.


They meet the members of the Brides of Bigfoot aka BOB support group.


I received a complimentary kindle copy from Carina Press and NetGalley. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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