Slow Burn: Infected, Book 2 by Bobby Adair

Slow Burn (Infected, Book 2) - Bobby Adair

Slow Burn: Infected, Book 2 by Bobby Adair is an action-filled, zombie apocaplyse thriller. It picks up where Slow Burn: Zero Day Book 1 stopped. I gave it five stars.


"Midafternoon in August is not a pleasant time to be outdoors in central Texas....Every patch of unirrigated grass gets baked to crisp hues of tan and brown. Every concrete sidewalk and stretch of bleached asphalt shimmers radiated heat."


Zed continues to learn about himself as he adapts to the circumstances of the new world. "Oft times, anger was all I had, my sole defining characteristic. It clung to me like an insecure girlfriend, and I put as little effort into sloughing it off. Perhaps I could learn from Murphy." Murphy was an optimist.


However, his laugh began to get on Zed's nerves. "'What’s up with that laugh? Did you have a favorite cartoon character or something that laughed like that?' I asked. 'No, man, that’s just my laugh. Heh, heh, heh.'"


Some of the changes that came with being infected are permanently dilated pupils and skin getting whiter. "'You know, you’re practically white now, Murphy.' 'I’m mocha frost, man.' 'Mocha frost?'"


Zed reflected on the absence of his friends. He came to terms with this by realizing: "I wouldn’t even call them friends. They’re circumstantial companions."


He also wondered about his own survival and the reason for existing. He "spent a long time staring into the insulation between my feet after that, deciding whether I was worth the effort of inhaling another breath."


I look forward to reading the next Slow Burn Book 3, Destroyer.


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