Window's Pane (The Vision Chronicles Book 3) by Chariss K. Walker

Window's Pane (The Vision Chronicles) (Volume 3) - Chariss K. Walker

Window's Pane (The Vision Chronicles Book 3) by Chariss K. Walker is an intriguing book. I gave it five stars. It continues where Spyglass, The Vision Chronicles Book 2 stopped.


After Nate rammed his truck, they got into an altercation where James and he were both arrested in spite of witnesses telling that Nate was the instigator. Nate had guns and drugs in the trunk of his car.


They were thrown into a Mexican jail. "The single cell was only one of many in a row of possibly 20 others. It was difficult to tell in the dim light of the building. It could’ve been 30 or even a 100 more. Each one was filled to capacity and a low murmur of despair and sorrow seeped through the bars like fog. I’d heard stories about the fighting that often breaks out in jail or prison, but these poor souls were too dejected and miserable to fight among themselves or cause any problems."


Danny worked to locate James and when she discovered he was in prison, did everything she could to get him released. Meanwhile, he was being tortured regularly and weakening.


After Danny and six of James' friends formed a group and talked to the jailer, El Capitán Rodriguez, he was finally released.


When he was home Danny called Joe & then later James was able to talk with him. "James was glad to hear Joe’s voice. So glad, in fact, that he choked up when he heard the slightly slow, southern drawl. Joe might’ve lived in New York for over 25 years, but he’d never lose the dialect from Vicksburg, Mississippi. Joe waited while James struggled with his emotions."


After his return to Las Cruces, the dojo was complete and he started teaching Danny, Patty and Sands self defense techniques. He also had brief therapy to help him relieve the bitterness from being unjustly imprisoned.


I received a complimentary copy from the Author. That did not change my opinion for this review.


I look forward to reading Windows All Around (The Vision Chronicles Book 4).


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