Sabrina's Vampire (Urban Fantasy) Book 1 by A K Michaels

Sabrina's Vampire - A.K. Michaels

Sabrina's Vampire (Urban Fantasy) Book 1 by A K Michaels is a paranormal novella.   I gave it almost three stars because of way too much sex,  minor typos & grammatical errors.


Sabrina is lost in Las Vegas.  Her Scottish accent had helped her get drunk since it was St. Paddy's day.   She was about to be assaulted by two thugs in a dark alley when Kyle, an ancient Scottish vampire hears her cries for help.  He rescued her & took her to his house.


They had unprotected sex & neither of them knew what was going on with their intoxicating attraction to each other.  That was something she had never done.


Later they were talking & she told him what had happened with her job.  "As she spoke Sabrina felt a release.  Of pent up anger, hurt, loathing, a host of emotions that had been buried down deep.   They came out as she spoke & at the end she felt a great sense of relief."


There is a lot of blatant sexual action in this book.  There is also experimentation, violence, strong language, and graphic situations.  The relationship between Sabrina & Kyle is very fast moving.


I received a complimentary copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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