Bigfoot Island (Jack Lee Murder Mystery #1) by Eve Paludan

Bigfoot Island (Jack Lee Murder Mystery #1) - Eve Paludan

Bigfoot Island (Jack Lee Murder Mystery #1) by Eve Paludan is a criminal investigation by a frustrated detective, Jack Lee.  His partner had been killed in the line of duty saving Jack's life.  He's been life long friends with an anthropologist, Dr. Allie Chandler, who's obsession with searching for the Sasquatch has been described as wacky.  He moves to Cedar Island, Washington for a fresh start.


Jack tells Margo "'It's the kind of place where I can make a difference.'


'I don't doubt that being a police chief on a small island will be less stressful.  I'm not that selfish that I don't get that the new job will be healthier for you.  And getting away from the Seattle PD, too.'

His wife, Margo, reluctantly goes with him.  Her college-bound niece,  Jenn also goes. Things don't take place according to plan.


Part of the story is charmingly told from the point of view of the female Bigfoot, Una, who rescues an infant from a car trapped in a mudslide then disappears.


Una thought:  "It felt good to let out her anger with a forbidden word that was reserved for the males of her tribe.  She giggled even as tears ran down her hairy cheeks."


I gave this entertaining story five stars.  I look forward to more novels in this planned series. Next book, soon please.


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