Jack in the Green by Diane Capri

Jack in the Green (The Hunt for Jack Reacher Series Book 5) - Diane Capri

Jack in the Green by Diane Capri is a Jack Reacher story.  It started with a strong hook about Jack being charged with a murder he didn't commit.  I gave it four stars because it kept my interest & was a fast moving book.


Carlos Gaspar is working with Special Agent Kim Otto.  His Boss paired them for some unknown reason.  Their partnership was slowly improving.  They were at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.


"They’d been warned to watch out for Reacher, who came, destroyed and departed like a liger.  Neither he nor Otto needed to be reminded to watch for him, but Gaspar wanted to believe it unlikely Reacher would try to get Weston today.  Their feud was sixteen years old and surely even Reacher might have lost track of Weston in all that time.


'Weston has stayed out of Reacher’s way all this time,' Otto said.  'So why is Weston sticking his neck out by attending this particular memorial ceremony?  He could have come any time.  The base holds these generic memorials for military family members to pay their respects every year.  Weston contacted them a month ago and said he wanted to attend this particular service.  It doesn’t make any sense, does it?'


'Not to me,' Gaspar replied.  'So we do what we do.'


'Meaning what?'


'Meaning we stay alert.  We’re missing something important...'"


Otto was tiny, but fierce.  Gaspar liked that about her.


Upon meeting Weston for a few words before the ceremony, Gaspar ..."slouched a little & settled his hands into his trouser pockets because it made him seem friendlier.  Gaspar knew many successful interrogation techniques, but none of them worked unless the subject wanted to talk.  Most of the problem was making them want to.  Once they wanted to tell him everything, witnesses were nearly impossible to shut up."


After observing Weston's behavior in attempting to intimidate Otto, he realized that he was a sociopath.


After a shooting..."Within minutes the entire base was locked down.  The voice came on the speaker advising everyone to 'shelter in place.'  Meaning hunker down until the situation was secured."


I received a complimentary copy of Jack in the Green from the author.  This did not change my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Jack-Green-Hunt-Reacher-Book-ebook/dp/B00JWZZDE2