The Peeling: Book 1 (Jeremy's Choice) by Iain Rob Wright

Jeremy's Choice - Iain Rob Wright

The Peeling: Book 1 (Jeremy's Choice) by Iain Rob Wright is a real horror story. The graphic descriptions of this disease, a deadly plague, were brutal to read. I gave it five stars.


Jeremy was the security guard at the radio studio. "Most days he just hung around in the doorway, half asleep, from nine in the morning till six at night. Then he went home to his wife -- unless he had somewhere else to be. That was why all of these people in the studio right now were such a thorn in his side; they forced him to concentrate & stay focused despite his weary mind's desire to shut off."


The studio took live calls & had to censor some of them because hate-filled people liked to spew their venom. "England like to act like all the whackos lived abroad in less civilized countries, but working in a news studio made it quite clear that there were as many nutjobs here as anywhere else. Maybe even more."


I look forward to reading the rest of the series.


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