Humpty Dumpty by Willow Rose

Humpty Dumpty - Willow Rose

Humpty Dumpty by Willow Rose is a disturbing horror story.  The young girl Ella is egg shaped & subject to much ridicule, even from her own family. I found this sad.  In spite of how haunting the story is, I gave it almost five stars.


"If they hadn't moved into this godforsaken house she would still have her daughter, & she wouldn't have to be so tired all the time from lying awake all night listening to the sounds of the winds & the house sighing like it was talking to them, like it was warning them."


The four wealthy, privileged young men were appalling in their desires & actions.  So was Louise & Ella's father, Frederik.


I would like to thank Amazon for a complimentary promotion copy of this book.  This did not influence my opinion for this review.


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