Jerry is Not a Robot, A Novelette by Gregory Marlow

Jerry Is Not a Robot: A Novelette - Gregory Marlow

I received a free kindle copy of Jerry is Not a Robot, A Novelette by Gregory Marlow in an Amazon promotion.

I gave this unusual & interesting book five stars.

Joel is a student looking for a job to fulfill a university contract.

"I had already been released early from two others. The university had a staunch limit of four, but no one wanted to take on a risky student who was 'reluctant to adhere to conventional protocol.' I had considered framing that review."

He had to sign a contract before the old man, Levi would tell him what the job was. They went to an old wooden barn that was locked. He wondered why the fellow was locked in. Then Jerry, who was a massive five meter tall metal monster emerged from a stack of hay. I had to look up meter conversion since I still think in feet. That's almost 16 and a half feet, an impressive size.

"But locks work both ways, I thought. They keep things in & keep things out. Maybe he was just protecting Jerry not keeping him locked up."

Jerry Is Not a Robot was an intriguing story that blended science fiction & a dystopian future. It was a pleasure to read & I will look for more of Gregory Marlow's writing.

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