Ghostly Justice, A Tarot Card Mystery - Book 5 by Ashley Carrillo

Ghostly Justice: A Tarot Card Mystery (5) - Ashley Carrillo

I received a free kindle copy of Ghostly Justice, A Tarot Card Mystery - Book 5 by Ashley Carrillo in an Amazon promotion.

I gave this book almost four stars. The story is entertaining but it is in need of an editor for grammatical errors.

Tasha Costerman took Bobby, her dog for a walk so she can spy on her neighbor that she thought is weird. She hoped to meet up with another neighbor & her dog Ralf to try to find out more. "I'm doing my best to hurry but Bobby keeps stopping every two inches to sniff something for five minutes, before finding the next place that appears to have an even better aroma than the previous one. I tug at the leash every time to draw him away but he's intent on a five hour smell fest."

George revealed he is interested in Tasha because he films orbs around her & they are the earliest stages of a ghost manifesting.

Tasha is able to see & later hear a ghost named Brenda. "'...there is no way to prove anything anyway, there will never be any justice for me when there is no proof. None for me, none for my family, & none for Pauley either. I think all the truth will do is rehash all the sadness that I watched so many of the ones I love slowly suffer through.' She looks so down that if she was alive I would have given her a comforting hug."

Can Tasha help find justice for Brenda? Will she be harmed by Brenda's murderer before she can find a solution?