Berzerker by Theo Cage

Berzerker: A  Horror Mystery Thriller - Theo Cage

I received a free kindle copy of Berzerker by Theo Cage in an LibraryThing promotion in exchange fair review.

I gave this intense book five stars. While some of it seemed far-fetched, the technology exists now. This was a fast-paced, suspense-filled horrifying book. Many of the characters were so well drawn they were easy to dislike. Dr. Spooner heads that list.

Sean Chiller, a Corporal with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Winnepeg & his wife Tracy have a daughter named Ashley who had a rare genetic disease, a variation of Cystic Fibrosis. They hoped that a partial cure was possible based on genetic therapy. They're driving with hope to Fargo, North Dakota in a snow storm to an appointment at the Gene Therapy Clinic.

A town named Berzerker was the first one they came to. They finally found an open diner. He went in & came back out empty handed.

"'They wouldn't serve you coffee?”

“'I'm not sure why. It could be the law, or the fact that I'm black, or my non-regulation footwear. Or all three of the above.'”

She flushed with anger. Where they lived it was a non-issue that she was white. When they traveled it was different.

Their car wouldn't start & they had to stay at a decrepit hotel that was in sad repair. The next morning, anxious to get started, Sean went to find out about his vehicle.

Here are some quotes that caught my attention.

Sean stood at the chipped service counter inside the gas station, receiving bad news from a gangly Swede with lube oil on his chin. Sean had walked over with his family, anxious to continue on to Fargo. Then he learned there was another problem with the SUV.

“'How long will it take to clean the injectors?'” Sean asked. The mechanic looked uncertain, his eyes darting around like bluebottle flies looking for a place to land.

“'Won't be able to get to it until later today or tomorrow at the earliest.'”

"Berzerker was a kept village with an electronic moat as impenetrable as technology would allow. Essential

in the social media saturated world of the twenty-first century."

"The General actually smiled for two of them, using muscles it looked like he hadn't used in decades."