Monster Story: Unforeseen Circumstances #11 by AJ Coonley

Monster Story (Unforeseen Circumstances Book 11) - AJ Coonley

I received a free kindle copy of Monster Story: Unforeseen Circumstances #11 by AJ Coonley, published by AJC Publisher, Inc. from Amazon in exchange for a fair review.

I gave this short horror story almost four stars.

Mr. Sandberg had been a sixth grade teacher for nearly twenty years. "In all that time he had never encountered a student as disruptive, rude, impolite, mouthy or all-around ill-behaved as Mark Manzella. He gleefully reflected that he would have the little monster in his class for 19 more school days. Summer vacation would begin in under four weeks, bringing him welcomed relief from Manzella. He finished writing, then turned to answer the student from hell."

Scott Newcomb was the only student who could stand up to Mark. They were both bullies but Mark was far worse. He planned on getting even with Mr. Sandberg for embarrassing him in class.

"Both boys started laughing. Scott laughed because he believed Mark was kidding. Mark laughed because Scott believed he was kidding."

Things are not always what they seem. This had a surprise ending.

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