A Bullet for Carlos by Giacoma Giammatteo

A Bullet for Carlos - Giacomo Giammatteo

I received a free kindle copy of A Bullet for Carlos by Giacoma Giammatteo, published by Inferno Publishing Company in an Amazon promotion in exchange for a fair review.

I gave it five stars. It kept me up reading & was a fast paced suspense-thriller. There were many disgustingly brutal scenes but it advanced the storyline.

"The bigger problem was getting Maria to accept the baby and then making sure no one ever told the truth. That was the difficult one. Truth had a way of creeping through cracks and oozing to the top, no matter how deep it was buried. He knew he could trust Zeppe, and he could trust Maria...but something in his gut ate at him. This would take careful planning."

Thirty years later Connie Gianelli was a tough cop. "There was a joke in the department about me being more guy than girl because of my deep voice. My voice was deep, deeper than most guys, but the guy/girl confusion stopped there. I did have a nice ass." Later her Lieutenant told her to 'watch her ass.' She replied: "'Everyone else watches it. Guess I should too.'"

Connie was talking about death. "I don’t know why death scared me. Dominic always told me that Mom was in a place where nothing went wrong, and she’d never be sick. I dreamed of joining her sometimes, comforted by thoughts of happiness, and eating pasta all day without gaining weight. Damn, that would be nice."

Connie was shot & her Uncle Dominic sent men to save her. He visited her in the hospital. This exchange took place as he got ready to leave. "I know all about evil men and ‘little kingdoms,’ Zio.”

  Dominic’s eyes turned to ice. He stared for what seemed like an hour. “Don’t hate me for too long, Concetta. Hate is a big hill to climb.” He left without another word.

  Now I knew why people were so scared of Dominic. Those eyes…"

Dominic is trying to get information from a man he believes knew who ordered the New York cops killed when Connie was shot. "The man screamed loud enough to make Mazza take a step back.

  “I wonder if that was in Spanish or English,” Mazza said.

  “I have heard screams in many languages,” Dominic said. “They all sound the same.”

Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Bullet-Carlos-Connie-Gianelli-Mystery-ebook/dp/B009SYML7Y