Crossing the Line: A Paris Homicide Mystery by Frédérique Molay

Crossing the Line: A Paris Homicide Mystery - Frédérique Molay, Anne Trager

I received a free kindle copy of Crossing the Line: A Paris Homicide Mystery by Frédérique Molay translated by Anne Trager, published by Le French Book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.


I gave this second book of the series five stars because it kept me guessing & is a stand alone book.


Here is a quote from Chief Inspector Nico Sirsky as he took his morning therapeutic jog: "Nico smiled at the thought of Paris strutting its stuff, no matter the weather.  Come rain, wind or snow, his city revealed all her finery with the same charm, like an experienced, elegant & spellbinding woman. The Seine River rippling beneath him completed the image."


He had been shot in the leg before & his life was at risk daily.  "He grabbed his holstered gun & felt its weight in his hand. Friend or enemy? Life or death? A gun protected as much as it threatened.  As he attached it to his belt, the cold hard reality struck him again. He hated having to use his gun, but like so many other things in this world--crime, separation, illness, loss--he had to deal with it."


Nico delivered the news of their family member's death: "They remained slumped in their chairs.  Finally they got up to leave. Many times before Nico had seen how pain & sorrow sucked up their prey from the inside, emptying them of their substance, like straws in a glass."


As an officer of the law & Inspector, Nico realized this: "A successful investigation required several ingredients: work, determination--more on the order of relentless resolve--intuition, & insight--a sixth sense, which no technique could ever replace.  And luck, a basic element that couldn't be controlled."


I will now look for more of Frédérique Molay's writing. I recommend this series.


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