The Door in the Mountain by Caitllin Sweet

The Door in the Mountain - Caitlin Sweet

I received a free kindle copy of The Door in the Mountain by Caitllin Sweet, published by ChiZine Publications from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

I gave this comprehensive story about ancient Greek myths four stars. Without a basic knowledge of those myths, I believe the character's names could become confusing. The author has clearly done research & demonstrates clear understanding of these myths.

As it was, this story had moments of slowness. However the well developed characters more than made up for that. Ariadne was impossible to like because of her scheming, jealous, bitter nature & manipulation.

I had sympathy for Icarus. His god-mark seemed painful as well as ineffective. His part veered from the myth storyline where Daedelus made wings for him held together with wax.

Chara, the slave girl, with no god-mark was the most interesting character. I look forward to the follow up book to see her further actions.

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