Daddy's Girl by Lauren Bradshaw

Daddy's Girl - Ms. Lauren Bradshaw

I received a free kindle copy of Daddy's Girl by Lauren Bradshaw, published by Xlibris in an Amazon promotion in exchange for a fair review. I gave it four stars. The large amount of typos, spelling & grammatical errors cost it a full star.


It is a fast moving suspense filled thriller. The grisly graphic events show the inhumanity of man to man but they advance the storyline. The characters are well drawn & the dialogue is crisp. It kept me guessing & I like that in a book.


Clara Louise Franco medical records transcript for Professional Use Only from Dr. Theodore Hamilton to Dr. Von Wannemaker: "...doctors were able to determine that there was significant trauma to the genitals; both vagina and anal regions were badly bruised and some superficial lacerations and lesions present; imbedded [sic] in lesions were pieces of glass and wood. During examination, Clara exhibited signs of diminished alertness and emotional numbness which corresponds with and acute stage of Rape Trauma Syndrome (RTS). Clara was withdrawn and had difficultly recalling the specifics of the attack and when prompted about certain details, she became very agitated and aggressive towards staff. Clara was advised that she would remain in the hospital for a 24 hour period due to severity of injuries at this point in time she became hysterical, resulting in mild sedation."


She was especially distressed that her father, a police detective would find out, be disappointed & blame her. She gave up on her hopes & dreams.

The police officers notified Gloria Hill of her son's murder & she didn't shed a tear. "He sighed, Eddie was right, the woman looked like an emotional punching bag and from the grip she had on those rosary beads he could tell all she had was prayer.“


Dr. Wannamakers asked Clara to recount what had happened to her. "This is what you are here for, to be fixed, to be freed from the demon of fear and self loathing. She nodded again, took another steadying breath and shakily began to recount the events of her attack."


At the police department the detectives start the day: “Lovely morning to be alive wouldn’t you say Franco?”


Grimes shot Artie an ear to ear grin, “What have we got?”


“'Straight down to business I see, not a fan of foreplay?' receiving a discernable unimpressed scowl from Artie, Grimes cleared his throat slightly and started up the stairs, indicating for Artie to follow." Sometimes 'dark cop humor' is the only way they can survive a thankless, hard job.


Another brutal murder scene where they are processing the room. 'Eddie snapped, embarrassed that she got so caught up in the victim rather than the crime, and that the team mascot for stupidity and bad timing startled her.'


Surveillance could be boring. Grimes & Eddie were waiting & watching. Grimes was impatiently tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. "a small smile crept across her lips, 'you know' she said sluggishly & closing her eye again 'patience is not simply the ability to wait--it's how we behave while we're waiting.'


This thriller was a real page turner.


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