Garden by Jane Yates Five stars

Garden - Jane Yates

I received a free Beta .pdf of Garden by Jane Yates in exchange for a fair review.


This delightful story is lightly based on The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The storyline is modernized, no futurized, which made it an even more charming book.


Abderdeen's parents & entire ship's community were wiped out by a fast acting virus. She was the sole survivor & sent to a distant uncle's home on earth which was now covered by protective domes. If outside the dome a gas mask was necessary. 


When there she begins to grow healthier & learns what it's like to feel true hunger. She's told she can go into all the gardens except one. “However there is one garden that you still won’t be able to go into and your uncle’s kept it locked up since the gamma ray hit.”


“Oh, why’s that?” Aberdeen asked. She was curious about the locked garden and was determined to find it. Being told she couldn’t go somewhere was the very seed she relished, planted into her imagination, where a scene evolving into a magical garden with the juiciest of fruits began to take root."


What grand adventures Aberdeen & her friends have ahead.  Maisy, Peter & Lenard all became friends. There are puzzles & mysteries to discover in the house itself & in the secret garden.


Peter's discussion: “Physics has taught us that by simply looking at reality, we change it. We can create our own reality, from a subatomic level. With this machine, we are powerful enough to affect the behaviour of the atoms that are in us and around us.”


Lenard also grew healthier & wanted to surprise his father by how much better he was.


"Lenard took a sharp intake of breath. “I can’t believe I know something you guys don’t! Faug a bollag. It means ‘clear the way’. It’s our family motto; it’s written on the family crest,” he explained. “The poem you just read out explains this.”


I gave this book five stars. It was a pleasure to read a wholesome, feel-good book.


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