Resident Evil by Ricardo Sanchez

Resident Evil Vol. 1 - Ricardo Sanchez, Kevin Sharpe

I received a free .pdf file of Resident Evil by Ricardo Sanchez published by Wildstorm, in a goodreads promotion in exchange for a fair review. I received a combination of the 6 comics, but from a content perspective, it is the same as the trade paperback.


I was pleasantly surprised. As a rule, I don't read graphic novels but in this case the art work was well done.  Kevin Sharpe is the illustrator.  I absolutely loved the fact that quotes were referenced & the acronyms defined.


"You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky."-Amelia Earhart was one of my favorite quotes.


I gave this novel five stars. I read other reviewers reports that things weren't what they expected because they were prior Resident Evil Fans. Since I'm a novice reader, I was happy to report I completely enjoyed the story & the illustrations. Agent Mina Gere is partnered with Agent Holiday Sugarman. She's about the age his daughter was when she had been killed. He is fluent in six languages.


There was graphic violence & some scenes were difficult to view, but they took the story to the level it needed to be rather than just gratuitous illustrations. In addition it does have the caveat "for mature readers".


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