The Swallow: A Ghost Story by Charis Cotter

The Swallow: A Ghost Story - Charis Cotter
I received a free kindle copy of The  Swallow: A Ghost Story by Charis Cotter, published by Random House of Canada Limited, Tundra Books from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

This is the type of ghost story I REALLY enjoy. I gave this one five stars. It's a story about making friends & learning that one of them can see ghosts. Polly is a plump redhead who wants to see ghosts. Rose is a fair skinned girl with big black eyes & bushy black hair. She does see ghosts & doesn't want to.

Polly's brothers, aka the Horrors call Rose The Ghost Girl.  "Your brothers' retorted Rose, 'are two nasty little boys who like playing tricks on other people.' She had me there."

"The twins love to jump out at me from behind doors to make me scream."

Can they discover who the ghost really is? Can they make it go away?