Meet Kate! (Dora and Friends)

Meet Kate! (Dora and Friends) - MacKenzie Buckley I received a free kindle copy of Meet Kate! (Dora and Friends) by Mackenzie Buckley from Amazon for fair review. I gave it four stars.

It is a cute little story published by Nickelodeon. Kate is a redhead, what's not to like? They're putting on a puppet show & discovered the three little piglet puppets were missing. When searching for them they found themselves in Puppet World where all the puppets had come to life.

They helped the third little piggy just in time for the Big Bad Wolf to arrive. He huffed & puffed himself into the lake. The friends rescued him, because he couldn't swim. He was so grateful he became the Big Nice Wolf.

They put on the best puppet show ever.

Cute Dora & friends illustrations in the easily recognizable style based on the tv series. It's a cute little story.

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