Dora's Big Buddy Race (Dora and Friends)

Dora's Big Buddy Race (Dora and Friends) - Nickelodeon Publishing I received a free kindle copy of Dora's Big Buddy Race (Dora and Friends) by Nickelodeon Publishing from Amazon for fair review. I gave it four stars.

It uses the well known illustrations of Dora & her friends. It's about the park closing for lack of funds & the group of children doing their part in getting the park restored.

They set up a team race. There was a bicycle built for two. There is a count down for pedaling. They had a rhyming pop music challenge. Emma helped with the rhymes. Naiya helped kayak in an underground city where they overcame a whirlpool. Kate joined Dora in a fruit catch. They were dressed as coconuts. The monkeys helped by dropping fruit. Alana & Dora then participate in a sports quiz & they win.

There are terrific opportunities for naming colors. There are also some Spanish words mixed throughout & easily understandable by their use in context.

I recommend this for parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians & beginning readers.

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Free at time of posting.