Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers

Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers - Wilkie Martin I received a free kindle copy of Inspector Hobbes & the Gold Diggers unhuman III (humorous mystery) by Wilkie Martin published by The Witcherley Book Company from NetGalley for fair review. I gave it four stars. It reached my quirky sense of humor.

Andy Caplet, the disaster prone side kick of Inspector Hobbes might have found romance on a visit to the Blacker Mountains. He discovers a skeleton, the police are called, the widow arrives to identify the remains & over it, Andy was struck by the appeal of the widow, Daphne.

This is the third of a series but it serves well as a stand alone novel.

The characters are interesting: the unhuman (seriously large & strong) Inspector Hobbes, his housekeeper & excellent cook Mrs. Goodfellow, Sid the wealthy banker who is a vampire, Billy the multi-talented little person & Dreggs, the big black dog. It also has a full cast of dastardly villians: Sir Gerald Payne, Denny & Rupert. The bartender is Featherlight. This quote describes him well. "...attempted a look of wide eyed innocence that suited him as well as lipstick suits a fish."

After a narrow escape of a bullet Andy speaks of the attractiveness of new experiences being less attractive than a rut.

Can Andy escape his own clumsiness? Will Sir Gerald Payne meet his comeuppance? Where does Kathy fit into Hobbes' life?

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