Last-But-Not-Least Lola and the Wild Chicken

Last-But-Not-Least Lola and the Wild Chicken - Christine Pakkala, Paul Hoppe I received a free kindle copy of Last But Not Least Lola & the Wild Chicken by Christine Pakkala, pictures by Paul Hoppe, published by Boyd Mills Press, an Imprint of Highlights, from NetGalley for fair review. I gave it an almost four stars.

Grandma tucks Lola in for bed but doesn't know about the pattern of kisses Lola wants. One on each cheek & one on her nose.

Grandma's cooking is terrible but they get to have Chinese food delivered. She tells great stories & is fun to be with.

"I cross my arms & glare at Jessie. Glaring is when staring isn't angry enough." When Lola describes being mad she says: "It feels like a bumblebee is buzzing in my head. Zzzzz."

Lola forgot to hand in her signed permission slip for the trip to the farm. "Jessie says. 'She might miss our super-terrific field trip!'

'No, I forgot, too!' Savannah says. She smiles at me, but I don't want to feel better, so I don't.

Jessie's chin was cut by Savannah's boots. Lola thinks over what's going on with people trying to steal her best friend. "Some of me likes Savannah & some of me doesn't, & the some of me that doesn't is arm-wrestling the some of me that does."

After Savannah breaks her glasses in a shoving contest between Jessie & Lola she returns to school the following day wearing her replacement pair of sparkly blue glasses.

"Why is Savannah so nice? I wouldn't be nice to me." Lola thinks.

There was pushing at the swings & Jessie got hurt with Savannah's purple pointy toe boots. Before the trip to the farm, Mrs. D. the teacher tells Lola: "'You have to be nice to Savannah & Jessie.'

Amanda says 'We all have to be nice. Right?'
'Right,' I say, a little bit porcupine & a little bit skunk."

After Lola's parents get home from California, they all get in a cinnamon roll hug with Jack, Lola & Grandma.

Will Lola stay a rotten tomato? Will she say she's sorry to Jessie or Savannah? Will she be best friends again with Amanda? Can she have more than one friend?

A coming of age story for young girls including the battle with jealousy, having more than on friend at a time & learning that being sorry isn't about words, but taking action.

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