Outback Flames

Outback Flames - Suzanne Brandyn I received a free kindle edition of Outback Flames by Suzanne Brandyn in a goodreads promotion. I gave it four stars

Zoe had been missing for fifteen years. Jordan is shocked when she returns to her parent's home Montagreen in Munna without any memory. Jordan's son is Luke. Luke's mother died.

After Zoe went out to dine in a pub/restaurant & ended up joining Jordan, Luke, Samantha & Mike. She learned that in the past they were known as the 'awesome foursome' but still has no memory of that. They offer to take Luke home if Jordan loans them his vehicle. Luke gives Zoe a giant hug. As they prepare to leave Zoe describes her vehicle as 'a beast' but that it runs. In this case, it won't start even after Jordan looks under the hood to see what's wrong.

"'I've got a loan. I know the guy who owns the pub.'
'Thank heavens for that. I thought we'd be stranded.'
He shot her a quizzical look. 'Not in Munna. Everyone helps everyone out here. Come on. His vehicle is parked out back.'"

Zoe's aunt essentially kidnapped her & lied about everything. She even got a driver's license in the false name, Jennifer Bailey & kept her locked up. When Zoe got away & found out the extent of her aunt's lies she thought: 'And to think she'd worked for her aunt from sun up to sundown trying to please a woman that could never be pleased. Zoe had handed over almost all her weekly wage, asking Mr. Patterson never to tell her aunt what she actually earned. The Pattersons understood. They knew what her aunt was like."

Zoe found her birth certificate in a locked file cabinet. With that discovery, one little bit of her mother's memory came back too. "She was hoping the days spent with her aunt would gradually fade, be a distant memory, locked away for good."

Will Zoe's memory return completely? Will her ant get her just reward? Will Jordan & Zoe fall in love all over again?

Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Outback-Flames-Australian-Romantic-Suspense-ebook/dp/B00R1M2QCU/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1421204269&sr=1-1&keywords=Outback+Flames&pebp=1421204280173&peasin=B00R1M2QCU