The Aquarian Rosary

The Aquarian Rosary - Carol W. Parrish-Harra I purchased The Aquarian Rosary, Reviving the Art of Mantra Yoga by Carol W.Parrish-Harris last week on Amazon.

It is a modified rosary that opens this daily ritual into the lives of protestants. It is filled with devotions & can be comforting. There's something about a repetitive mantra that is soothing. It's a spoken yoga rather than performing physical positions.

The spiritual devotions are short paragraphs that give this prayer a focus on Jesus' life as a man on earth.

I've prayed the rosary daily for about twenty years & it was a little difficult to read the modified versions instead of the traditional wording. I will keep an open mind & will use this book when I want variety in my prayers.

I gave it three stars.