We Only Weep In Dreams

We Only Weep In Dreams - Timothy Muller Brilliantly written & hauntingly poignant poetry written from the point of view of a woman practicing the world's oldest profession, prostitution.

There are many subtle layers of meaning throughout each poem. They left my heart aching for those who must sell themselves to survive. I'm also saddened at the prospect for those of us who might squander our energies foolishly.

Throughout the centuries there have been many extra-biblical speculations about her role before and after she met Jesus...including harlot. The belief that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute is especially touching considering the role she assumed in Jesus' ministry as a strong leader among the other women.

This is from "She Thinks of Her Death:"
Roses and lilies are best forgotten,
Blue violets prone to wilt;
Flowers for solemnity and love,
But where's the flower for guilt?

I find all of the poems extraordinary, concisely written & as sharp as a razor opening an artery.

I hope to read more of Timothy Muller's work. He is an artist with words.