The 15th Star

The 15th Star - Lisa Grace The 15th Star (A Lisa Grace History - Mystery) Lisa Grace, almost a five star.

Based on the real - life history - mystery of the missing star from the Star Spangled Banner.

us flag in 1812 that inspired the star spangled banner photo: Star Spangled Banner Publication1.jpg

Set during the War of 1812 about a young slave, Grace Wisher, who escapes a plantation, goes to work as an indentured servant for a flag maker Mrs. Pickersgill. She has a troubled & painful life & has a secret that will carry forward into the present day. It's a secret that is worth killing for. History rolls into the future.

A quote from another slave driving the wagon to Baltimore that she hops on to escape. "God's smiling on you today, I'm takin this load all the way to Balty-more. They got some slaves there, buts they got free ones too. You be careful & you'll get lucky. Say your freeman die a jack tar on a ship with all your papers goin' downat the bottom of the sea."

The tale is revealed through the research of an intern Keiko, working toward her Masters degree serving at the Smithsonian Institute. She discovers boxes of letters about Grace & her long-time friend Louisa Armistad. She thinks: "She would perservere, survive & recognize the unremembered."

She tells Dr. Writer of her recent discoveries & he responds: "Oh the wonder of brick & mortar walls, the things we take for granted. Again, today I am in awe of what our past has wrought."

Later he waxes poetic to Keiko: "Oh, the story behind the history, the truth behind the mystery. We conjecture & bring to light, whether it made a difference, turning left instead of right.

Some grammatical errors & typos but overall it didn't interfere with my enjoyment of the book.

I enjoyed reading history come to life. I recognize that journalistic license was taken but I found it believable.

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