Invisible - Lorena McCourtney I received a free kindle copy of Invisible (Ivy Malone Mysteries #1) by Lorena McCourtney in an Amazon promotion. I gave this terrific cozy mystery five stars from start to finish. It made me laugh heartily many times. It also made me think about aging bringing about a certain form of invisibility.

Ivy Malone reminded me a lot of myself with the mutant curiosity gene. I drove my parents, siblings & teachers batty with the constant "Why, why, why?" She moves from situation to situation with remarkable aplomb in spite of the serious nature of the events surrounding her. She's described as a remarkable & mysterious woman.

Ivy finds herself trapped by a vicious dog. "the head, like a canine gargoyle out of a nightmare, loomed in the glassless mirror." She hit it with her purse & it yanked the purse out of her hands.

Regarding making a situation right Ivy described: "...she sighed, the wheels of justice tramp slowly."

I highly recommend this book & I look forward to reading the rest of the Ivy Malone Mysteries.

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