Murphy, Gold Rush Dog (1896)

Murphy, Gold Rush Dog (1896) - Alison Hart I received a free kindle copy of Murphy, Gold Rush Dog by Alison Hart from NetGalley for fair review. It is almost a five star read.

It's for young readers, but I enjoyed it tremendously. It's written from the point of view of Murphy & I enjoyed that.

It's about the difficult life of a gold rush dog who finally finds a loving owner with a young girl, Sally. It tells of their adventures in heading north to pan gold. They encounter much adversity & overcome it with heart.

There are parts early in the book that are painful for a dog lover to read. I wanted to rip the whip out of the hand of the sled driver Carlick who was beating Murphy & give him a lash or two.

The knowledge that dogs can be abused like this is appalling. However, reputable dog owners treat their teams with great care & respect to get the best pulling strength from them.

Can Sally & her mother afford to live in Nome? Can they find a home with a little luck & a gold nugget?

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