This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy - Bea Davenport I received a free kindle copy of This Little Piggy by Bea Davenport, Legend Press Ltd., from NetGalley for fair review. This is a frightening murder mystery & psychological thriller. I gave it five stars.

This story takes place in Sweetmeadow, England. There is a tense miner's strike with violence lurking at every turn. There is a baby named Jamie Donnelly murdered. Clare gains an admirer in Amy, a nine year old bright but neglected girl who lives with her seemingly neglectful mother & a dog.

"There was a loud bark & a huge dog - a sort of cross breed, but with definite German Shepherd in there somewhere lolloped over towards them."

Clare has been overlooked for an advancement & a different reporter, Chris Barber received it instead. There is a great deal of resentment & antipathy on both sides. The so-called chief or lead reporter is jealous of Clare because she follows her own leads & writes headlining stories. Joe Ainsley, her drinking partner & fellow reporter is on her side. Sharon Catt is the deputy news director who made Clare's life difficult. She aims barbed comments toward Clare every time they speak.

Finn McKenna is a union man who is attracted to Clare. Joe warns her about him. His only comment was that something about him seemed 'off'. As with Amy, Clare chooses to get involved.

Who will get the best story? Will the strike end? Where will the relationships with Finn, Amy, Joe go in Clare's life? Will she achieve success at the newspaper?

It's a great who-dun-it. It kept me up late reading to find out. It did not disappoint.

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