Call Me Cat

Call Me Cat - Karpov Kinrade I received a free kindle copy of Call Me Cat (Call Me Cat Trilogy #1) by Karpov Kinrade from Amazon for fair review. *Mature Content Warning* I gave it almost four stars.

Things are not always what they seem. The story line of Call Me Cat is one of them. Catelyn Travis is in law school when events conspire to rob her of future tuition fees. To continue, she becomes a phone sex operator. She's a virgin & had to read several books to learn how to make the conversations seem realistic.

She meets a billionaire, Ashton Davenport, the Third who is a bad boy biker but she believes he's responsible for killing her parents. She's attracted to him however she has to maintain her distance until he calls her sex line for an outlet.

Can she keep her distance after they're burning up the phone lines? Was he guilty of destroying her parents? How can she keep Catelyn the law student away from Cat the phone sex operator? Who finds out her identity? Can she escape with her life? Does she have the nine lives of a cat?

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