Bye, Bye Boogeyman

Bye, Bye Boogeyman - Donna  Davies, Rob Peters I received a free copy of Bye Bye Boogeyman (the Monster Series) by Donna Davies, Illustrated by Rob Peters, in exchange for a fair review. It is four stars.

It's designed for ages four & up. I appreciate the concept of chasing away the boogeyman but did not like the use of a baseball bat in doing so. While that is common in old style books & even Bluto & Popeye, it's not my 'cup of tea'.

I liked the idea of the Magical Monster Mist & loved the recipe for it. The author provided the link for this Magical Monster Mist label. Because of that, I gave the full four stars.

It's an entertaining story & I do like parts of it. The idea of painting a monster's toenails or dancing with him was enjoyable. I read it to my favorite little boy & he really enjoyed the pictures of the copious snot from the monster's sneeze.

While monsters under the bed can be a year around mystery, this story is just in time for Halloween.

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Free at time of posting.