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Book Review: UNRAVELED VISIONS by Nina Milton Reviewed by Sylvia Boyadzhyan

Death to a detective, a missing phone that seems to be found just to be lost again, disappearance of a young gypsy girl, a worried sister, and a girl who decides to seek the hidden connection between all of these events even after coppers suggesting there is none. All these deadly events are quickly becoming the talk of the supposedly safe Bridgewater town. The book suggests that everything might look safe from a distance but when you dig deeper the missing loose ends tend to unravel before your eyes or in Sabbie’s circumstance in your spirit world.

Sabbie is a Therapeutic Sharman who has a Bachelor’s degree and practices Shamanic Reiki, which combines the healing powers of the spirit world and channeling that energy to understand a person’s inner story. The stories she envisions in the spirit world are not always clear-cut and she has to go through a lot of tangled knots in both worlds to understand the truth of a story, the connection between both realms, and how to save everyone in danger including her.
[Sabbie Dare] is a strong and independent woman and when she was stuck in one of the stories biggest dangerous moments she didn’t need anyone else but herself and her gift to get through it with only a few bumps and bruises.