The Ninth Step by Mark Dawson

The Ninth Step - Mark  Dawson

The Ninth Step by Mark Dawson has a fast start with a clean hook. I gave it four stars.

Corporal Alex Hicks is stationed on the roof of a jeweler's building. He was soaked to the skin and freezing cold. The forecast indicated that the weather would be like this for a week. However, when the time came, he got the job done. It was a successful operation.


The general called his unit "the Feather Men, on account of their light touch during operations and the fact that they never left evidence that might later betray them."


After the job their habit took them to a pub. "Hicks would not normally have chosen that kind of pub for a social event, but this was not social, and the proprietor was an old friend of the general from the Regiment who guaranteed them privacy and discretion in return for a very small shaving of their profits.


Although the men were all over forty, there was a certain element of juvenile humor and hazing of the new guy.


I received a complimentary copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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