Airbag Scars: A Micah Reed Thriller #1 by Jim Heskett

Airbag Scars (Micah Reed #0) - Jim Heskett

Airbag Scars: A Micah Reed Thriller #1 by Jim Heskett published by Royal Arch Books caught my attention with the title & synopsis. It looked intriguing. It was a four-star book and an enjoyable read, although parts of it were disturbing to me.


"He inhaled a lungful of air and the pain in his chest burned until he had to cough the breath out in jagged hitches.


So much didn’t make sense. He’d been in an accident, that was for sure. But finding himself behind the wheel of a car? No matter how many times he’d relapsed and ended up blacking out drunk, he would never get behind the wheel."


His body was sore but no bones were broken. His hands made it clear he had punched someone violently. Michael aka Micah checked himself into a detox facility. He had taught himself to respond to Micah after changing his name. Interacting with the other patients was not his strong suit. He overheard some of them complaining about how they were abused by the system, their families, etc.


"'Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink.'


"Micah couldn’t claim injustice because the events of the night before last were a terrible blur. No one to blame for his downfall. But he knew that a few weeks ago, he’d relapsed after stringing together several months of sobriety, and that first drink had been the mistake that set everything else in motion." He had to claim personal responsibility for his own actions.


His boss & sponsor, Frank met him. After he left the detox center & reclaiming his damaged car he returned to the condo in Denver that the US government had bought for him. He never felt comfortable in the downtown area since he'd grown up in small-town Oklahoma.


Link to purchase: Not for sale anywhere, available only through the author's website.