Sin Walks into the Desert by Matt Ingwalson

Sin Walks Into The Desert - Matt Ingwalson

Sin Walks into the Desert by Matt Ingwalson, (Sin & Nicki Book 1) is an unusual story. Sin is off into the desert to find his mentor, el Viejo who is missing. Sin received the news from Catrina, aka la Calavera, who is an ex-federal agent living in a retirement home near the border. I gave it five stars.


El Viejo had saved Sin's life, when he was a 12-year-old kid. Even though diabetes and arthritis have crippled him, el Viejo had been bad and brave.


When Sin met Petr, la Calavera's husband he was thin enough to look like an aspen. He told el Viejo: "'Thought you said he was stone cold Viking killer.' 'No, I said Petr was Swedish intelligence, Sin. Not everyone who works in MLE pulls triggers for a living. I believe he analyzed satellite imagery.'


'Whatever,' Sin said, because that was what he always said when he wasn't saying nothing."


Sin further describes Petr: "Petr reached one hand out past her shoulders. His fist had thick blue veins tunneling all across it, as brightly colored, in their own way as the tattoos on Sin's hands."


Sin describes when the first met la Calavera: "If she didn't have the plastic tube pumping little bursts of oxygen into her nose, she would've been about the most beautiful woman Sin'd ever seen....She was an old woman and her skin showed it, but her eyes were so bright and hard that they sparkled like stars magically visible in daytime skies."


El Viejo is talking to La Calavera and Sin as he brought their dinner: "'We'd best dig in. The sun goes down quickly when you're in a valley,' he said. La Calavera nodded, 'But the stars, they will shine so bright.'"


Regret Things is a new novel about Nicki and Sin that I look forward to reading.


This is Book 1 in a series of three books. I received a free kindle copy of Sin Walks Into the Desert by Matt Ingwalson in an Amazon promotion. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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