Three Lives Of Mary by David M. Kelly

Three Lives Of Mary - David M. Kelly Three Lives Of Mary by David M. Kelly is a mesmerizing story of a cybot named Mary. Along with her husband Ben, she looks for habitable planets. It is an entertaining, fast reading book. I gave it five stars. I received a complimentary Kindle copy in an Amazon promotion. That did not change my opinion for this review. "Mary gasped as her legs were ripped from under her and she slammed face down into the ground. Several tendril-like vines wrapped around her arms and legs and she instinctively pulled against them. Thorn-like bristles clawed at her burnished skin as the vines coiled tighter around her despite her struggles." Mary discusses her feelings about Ben and changes he had made. "They'd seen so much together, it was hard to remember when it had been different. Mary still thought of Ben as he was when they were first married. He'd always been easy going, with an almost endless joy of life in general. But after they became CySaps he'd become more intolerant and obsessed with the latest technology. Sometimes Mary wondered if the gain of extended lifespans was worth the sacrifice." Link to purchase: