Totem Lake by Austin Cochran

Totem Lake - Austin Cochran

Totem Lake by Austin Cochran is a short horror story. It begins with Savannah having a terrifying nightmare that got my attention. I gave this frightening story four stars. It needs some editing but the storyline is great.


Savannah had a mysterious phone call from her husband Joe who was getting his deceased father's cabin ready to sell.


She stopped for gas in Totem Lake and saw a cork board with a lot of missing people flyers. The Al, the store owner said: "I pray for 'em too. Started losing track of the family's names after a while though, so I just started lumpin' 'em together when I pray. I s'pose the man upstairs would know just who I'm talkin' about."


I received a complimentary copy in an Amazon promotion. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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