Sam: A Horror Mystery Novel (Possession) by Iain Rob Wright

Sam - Iain Rob Wright Sam: A Horror Mystery Novel (Possession) by Iain Rob Wright is a frightening book. I gave it four stars. It kept my attention start to finish. Tim Golding is a ghost hunter. Angela Murs is an excommunicated priest. They are both called by Jessica Bell-Raymeady to help 'exorcise' her child, Sam. "Tim awoke well rested in his van at 10AM. Frank had offered him a room inside the house, but the van was his home. He didn’t see any reason to obligate himself to anybody else. Sleeping in his vehicle also gave him the option of a midnight getaway if things got too intense. Running away was one of the ways Tim survived." Angela found fresh clothing that Mike brought from her house. "To her surprise, she had found her old cassock and dog collar packed in her suitcase. Mike must have looked for it. Wearing it again now, after so long without it, felt strangely comforting. It was as if she had donned another layer of skin or a set of body armour. She realised now how much she had missed the purpose and identity that the robes gave to her. I don’t feel so worthless." I received a complimentary copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review. Link to purchase: