A Mighty Rolling Thunder by Kerry Alan Denney

A Mighty Rolling Thunder - Kerry Alan Denney, Nicolle Brown, Edd Sowder
A Mighty Rolling Thunder by Kerry Alan Denney is a frightening paranormal story. It's about the end of the world. I gave it five stars. It is non-stop action and breath-taking intensity.
Protagonist Livi DeSilva is a thirty-three-year old artist on the run for survival. Her golden retriever is named Beauty. She met Conor McLain, an amnesiac. He had a German shepherd named T-Rex. They teamed up in an effort to survive a mutual foe, Victor van Danz, a reprehensible and thoroughly repulsive psychopath.
Brady and Bethany Murdock, were compassionate farmers who owned twenty-six-acres outside Titusville, South Carolina. They had Cisco and Pancho, two seven-year-old yellow Labrador retrievers who kept the hens safe in the eighth-of-an-acre coop.
They survived "The Event" as Beth called it and they also could understand their dogs.
"More than anyone else, he was worried about Beth. She was more than just the air he breathed. She was the blood pumping through his veins, the endless fount of strength and joy that made life much more than just a struggle to survive. He couldn’t imagine a world without her in it."
Conor went to the Renfield-Stafford Boys Home and was horrified. "Staggering, Conor followed the tracks down the hall.
I know this place. I don’t remember it, but I know it.
Bile rose in his throat, and he choked it back. 'Whatever kind of man I was before my archives got dumped in the recycle bin,' he said out loud, just to hear his voice and remember he was alive and only visiting Hell, 'I didn’t do this.'"
I received a complimentary copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.
It is in pre-order status until December 3, 2016 so I could not leave a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.