Knife and Fork by Gita V. Reddy

Knife and Fork (Chapter Books Book 7) - Gita V. Reddy

Knife and Fork by Gita V. Reddy is an educational book with important lessons. I gave it four stars.


Bholu was a monkey who left the forest for an adventure. He went to the city and learned how different it was with cars & buildings. There was no fruit on the trees for him to eat.


He watched a family eating with strange objects. He learned they were called a knife and fork. He went down to help himself to some mango. When the little girl returned she screamed & he leapt up to the wall and continued to use the knife and fork to finish the mango. Then she laughed and her mother peeled and threw him a banana. He cut it into slices with the knife and ate it with the fork. He ate all the food they gave him with the utensils. Then he stored them in a hollow of the tree.


He realised that in the city, all the buildings seemed alike and he didn't like the noise and smoke from the vehicles. He went back to the forest and shared all his adventures with the other monkeys.


I received a complimentary kindle copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.


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