Drink the Water by Scott Michael Decker

Drink The Water - Scott Michael Decker

Drink the Water by Scott Michael Decker is a visionary science fiction thriller book. I gave it four stars.


"Four strangers are haunted by the same recurring dream: being dragged to a drowning death."


Janine, Randall, Brian and Honeydew are all linked by this dream.


An emergency technician, Randall's observation: "The water was a dull metal gray, the surface calm with occasional patches of weed visible just above the waterline. From a distance, it just looked like seaweed. The detritus lining every shore, washed up by the tide and the waves, looked like the seaweed that Randall had seen in stills from Old Earth, the leaves rubbery, dark green-brown, the connecting branches looking like the tentacles of some menacing alien creature and, on the ends, some bulbous nodules that served as floats.


The washed-up seaweed was poisonous, and no matter how it was processed, it couldn't be used as food. How the indigenous fish population managed to eat it was a mystery, as well as how the fish ended up being edible. Someone had explained it once to Randall, but he'd been unable to follow the logic. How the weed could be smoked was another mystery, but he'd been told that the smoke induced euphoria and visions."


Randall went into a bar in an attempt to overcome one of his nightmares. He was also having stress in his home because his wife was jealous of his traveling with Janine, the xenobiologist. Conversation stopped when he entered then slowly resumed. One who sat in a booth alone, with eyes peering from under a dark brim made him uncomfortable. "Randall drank and ignored those eyes, though they raked him between his shoulder blades. He'd lived on Nartressa long enough and had worked enough dangerous missions to know when something was amiss."


I received a complimentary copy from Creativia and NetGalley. That did not change my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Drink-Water-Scott-Michael-Decker-ebook/dp/B00OR7779E