Brownie (Tracking Jane Book 4) by Eduardo Suastegui

Brownie: Tracking Jane, episode 4 (Volume 4) - Eduardo Suastegui

Brownie (Tracking Jane Book 4) by Eduardo Suastegui is a fast-paced, suspense-filled thriller. It's non-stop action keeps the pages flying. I read it in one sitting. I gave it four stars. It does need some editing for homonymns.


Major Jane McMurtry, now Jane Murphy, the protagonist continues to adjust to the high tech devices in her artificial legs that have made her the target for kidnappers. She's still bait. She's a plain talking, troubled woman but still likable.


"Am I OK? No, of course I ain't OK. And I wish people would stop asking me. I ain't here because I'm OK. I'm here because I can handle it, thank you."


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