Tahoe-1 (Tracking Jane Book 3) by Eduardo Suastegui

Tahoe-1 (Tracking Jane Book 3) - Eduardo Suastegui

Tahoe-1 (Tracking Jane Book 3) by Eduardo Suastegui is a page-turner. It continues the story of Major Jane McMurtry, now Murphy. She and her husband Dan and her dogs Shady and Tahoe are hiking the Pacific Coast Trail when their lives are turned dangerous with forces of nature and evil men taking turns plaguing what was to have been their honeymoon.


It is a compelling book. Jane is adjusting to working with Tahoe and beginning to think he is Shadow's offspring. I gave it four stars. It needs some editing for homonymns.


"Without saying a word, Dan and I trade leashes. Tahoe and I take the lead. He pulls me ahead and it's like Shadow is there. A leaner, younger, ungainly version of him, down to the dark, almost black coat. I focus on that, wanting to believe he is Shadow. I quicken my step to keep up."


Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Tahoe-1-Tracking-Jane-Book-3-ebook/dp/B00PBRLHOK