Left Alive #1, A Zombie Apocalypse Novel by Jeremy Lazlo

Left Alive #1 - Jeremy Laszlo

Left Alive #1, A Zombie Apocalypse Novel by Jeremy Lazlo is a future dystopian story. ***Adults only due to graphic violence and sexual situations.*** Order and humanity are gone now, replaced by vigilante justice and survival at all costs. It's a frightening book. I gave it five stars.


"As we sat before our TVs watching men struggle against unspeakable odds, we secretly envied them."


The narrator, Charles Duwain went to an isolated cabin his father had owned in Michigan. There he stayed with the exception of hunting for a few people for news. "'Times are desperate,' the man had said, keeping himself between me and his wife and daughter, as if I'd rape them or worse. They might have been pretty once, but pretty hasn't been around for a very long time. The world is colorless and unforgiving now. They looked half-starved and dying anyway. I took pity on them, but that was it. 'I hear rumors of men turning zombie, feeding off the living. That's just what we need, huh? Zombies to make this place worse,' he had said."


His daughters are in Florida. He wrote the address where they were heading in Sharpie on his arm. Each time it started to fade he wrote it again. He decided to leave the caqwein and attempt to head toward where they were. The world is a haunted dead land with spires of deceased trees of a once mighty forest. They just haven't succumbed to gravity yet.


"There's nothing to look at, nothing to listen to, and nothing to behold upon the road that doesn't evoke nightmarish feelings of dread and loss. Between obstacles my thoughts are consumed by the past. I think of the girls, Christmases together, birthdays, those special moments we had together."


His jeep was stolen by a group of teenagers who had banded together. They beat him without mercy, took his food and weapons except for a pocketknife and left him unconscious. After he came to, he crept into a ditch on the side of the road to sleep. He needed to find supplies to clean his wounds. He decided to walk instead of taking another vehicle for someone else to steal. The ash trail from driving was like a smoke signal alerting anyone within miles.


He broke into an abandoned Planned Parenthood to take care of his injuries. He slept curled up under the counter for the night. "I wonder if this plague is the world's attempt to abort us--its unwanted children. The irony is both amusing and sickening."


The effort to survive takes incredible effort, focus and determination. The action is non-stop. It is a chilling post-apocalyptic traverse across a barren wasteland. Charles walks through the insanity of the changes of the world and through his own disturbing, grim psychological changes.


Superb writing. Needs editing for typos, grammar and homonyms. Normally those would take away a star, but the storyline overcame them.


"Though I may think good things and regret what I do, thoughts count for nothing. Thoughts are little more than dust in the wind, blown away without any consequence or meaning. I think back over the people I've killed and those I've left to die and I wonder how I'm supposed to continue on. I've compromised every moral I've had in a quest to rescue the most precious things in the world."


Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Left-Alive-Zombie-Apocalypse-Novel-ebook/dp/B00M9RNZDG