Linear Shift by Paul B. Kohler

Linear Shift - Paul B. Kohler

Linear Shift by Paul B. Kohler, published by Global Endeavor is intriguing. I gave it four stars. This segment deals primarily with character development.


In 1942 Doctor Bernard Epson is studying time travel. Michael Gallagher is his assistant who's loyalties lie with the Society. He had been subtly sabotaging the experiments. Miss Stewart works with them both to remind them to eat when they get preoccupied with their project.


Peter Cooper's wife Minnie was killed in a car accident. He is dealing with Brett, his son & Tori, his daughter. They're both teenagers. He had to trade in their Mercedes for an older Chevrolet Van. His house is in foreclosure & they have to move.


"He pulled out the bottle of Glenfiddich and two glasses. He returned to his seat and poured out two fingers each. “Peter, this is not the answer to your problems,” said the General as he took the glass from Peter.


“It might not be the answer, but it might help ease the process.”


A group from 2013 traveled to the past & met Dr. Epson. They planned to stay several months to do research. Epson was upset because he believed any of their actions could alter the future in a catastrophic way.


I look forward to reading Linear Shift, Part 2.


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