Burned: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Thrice Cursed Mage Book 3) by J.A. Cipriano

Burned (The Thrice Cursed Mage) (Volume 3) - J. A. Cipriano

Burned: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Thrice Cursed Mage Book 3) by J.A. Cipriano continues where Book 2 ended. It is a paranormal story about Mac Brennan with his demon arm. His assignment is to kill Pierce Ambrose. I gave it four stars. It needs editing for typos and homonyms.


He survives a plane crash. "I might not be able to walk without assistance or see past my blurry vision, but I’d be damned if I was going to let her walk around wearing the costume Pierce had put on her when he’d tried to turn her into a sex puppet."


Mac still has snarky dialogue: "Hey, I might be overly paranoid, but I was also alive."


He is having trouble using his demon arm. He's imprisoned and needs to escape to rescue his family. "I reached out for my magic, desperate to escape, but as I tried, I found I couldn’t. It was weird, sort of like reaching into a darkened room for a switch you knew was there and finding only blank wall. Fear twisted up in my guts. If I didn’t have my magic, how was I going to get out of this? No. That was the wrong way to think.


After all, I was Mac Brennan. I’d get out of this. I just needed to wait for my opportunity and pounce on it like a cupcake at a baby shower."


Danton was going to help Mac, but Mac was uncertain of his sincerity. "Was he seriously implying God and His Holy Angels were telling him to help me? I’d fallen out of an airplane, not a turnip truck."


I look forward to reading Seized: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Thrice Cursed Mage Book 4).


Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Burned-Urban-Fantasy-Thrice-Cursed-ebook/dp/B01DLIN0UO